Faith in the Gods Unnumbered forms the basis of the majority religion practiced throughout the continent of Ijeida. The tradition arose in Agata and was carried by Agata sailors and traders to all corners of the continent. The open and and inquisitive nature of the faith led it to be welcomed or at least tolerated by most whom the early Agatters encountered.

The most central belief of the tradition of the Unnumbered is, as the name suggests, that the divine is infinite in nature and that distinct, identifiable deities are numberless; that the boundless divine is ultimately beyond the scope of human ken but it is the purest expression of faith to explore and experience the divine in all its forms. This belief encouraged the travels of Agatter explorers, and also encouraged them to embrace the deities worshiped by those whom they met and traded with as further expressions of the infinite gods. Agatter travelers both take particular patrons with them, and adopt the worship of those deities venerated in lands they explore.