The Ijeida Revolution was a rebellion and period of social upheaval which took place across Ijeida, centered on the cities of Parovir, Ethenfarr, and Balirhearth. The rebellion sought to repel the occupation and administration of Agata and the Rivering by forces empowered by Teugad Naufair and the Trade Parliament following the armistice that closed the First Intercontinental War. It was fought among a coalition of loosely allied rebel factions against TeuNau security forces and loyalist organizations supporting the Agata Koriarchy. Its conclusion immediately pitted the newly formed Republics of Wheat and Water, along with the fractured states of Griana, against the Jirenes Imperial Regular Army which tried to reassert the Empire's claim over mineral resources in Griana. It is alternately regarded as a prelude to that later conflict or as an initial stage of it.