The Jirenes Empire, commonly referred to as the Empire or Jirenes, was a political entity that ruled most of the continent of Jirenes, portions of Ijeida, and islands of the Encircled Sea at the height of its power. It lasted for two hundred years, [get your years straight], following its founding after the Succession Crisis until its demise at the end of the Jirenes Civil War. The Empire was a primary belligerent in both of Menem's Intercontinental Wars, which it waged against powers in Ijeida.

Due to its long duration and the extent of its territory, the Empire is frequently cited as a precursor to the various Continental Unions of the [X]th century that followed, though it lacked the democratic representation that characterized those later entities.

The Empire had its original capital in the eastern city of Iuliat, the ancient seat of the High Kingship. Prior to the First Intercontinental War, the imperial capital was moved to the new-built city of [good modern Uajiren name], a planned settlement meant to glorify the empire. [New city] was more centrally located, better able to govern the entire continent.