The term Jirenes Linguistic Convention refers to a series of three conferences held in [eastern Jirenes capital?] as an attempt to codify linguistic practice across the region, continent, and world, and to produce a unified written and spoken form of the Uajiren language. Each Convention corresponded to a major political and socio-economic change taking place, and sought to create support for the new regime by creating solidarity through linguistic practice. The three Conventions are associated with the the creation of the High Kingship of [eastern Jirenes regional name?], the foundation of the continental Jirenes Empire, and the establishment of the First Gishefa. Each was met with a combination of critics and supporters, some saying they achieved the goals of unity, others saying that they sowed the undercurrents of rebellion against Jirenes assimilationist policy that plagued both the Kingship and the Empire throughout the long duration of those regimes.