Menem, also known as Gashifa, is a planet that forms the centerpiece of this worldbuilding project. This is the name predominantly used by the planet's inhabitants, though all official communication about the planet produced by both the global union, Gishefa, and the Union of Human Worlds name it Gashifa.

Etymology Edit

Menem means "the seas" in Taragat. It is the simple reduplicative plural of men, "sea". It is shortened from the phrase menem telet, "all the seas", a common expression meaning "the whole world." The name was first applied by Agatter sailors to the southern and central portions of Ijeida, which are characterized by many seas, lakes, and navigable rivers. The name was carried to further corners of the world by later generations and borrowed by the many nations contacted by Agatter navigators in the age of exploration.

Geography Edit