Mithrenna Parovir, also called the Aqueduct of the Viaduct, is a massive aqueduct constructed by Agata in [get your years straight!] with the intent of opening trade access to the isolated Rivering region of northern Ijeida. Mithrenna extends 15 km from the High Falls of the Traveling River, carrying water diverted from that river into the city of Parovir. It is considered one of the great wonders of ancient Agata construction, along with the canals and locks of the city of Parovir, the Crane Docks of Southwall, and the complex of canals and smaller aqueducts criss-crossing Agata and Griana.

Etymology Edit

Mithrenna Parovir means "aqueduct of the great city" in Taragat, from mith- (river), and laren (to bear) plus -na, a nominal suffix; par (city), plus ovir (highest or great). This is the most widely used name for the structure, along with the general terms - in diverse languages - Aqueduct or Viaduct.

A number of colloquial names for the structure are also used. It is known as "the shade" and "the raincloud" among residents of the Deep Vale at is feet. Anti-Agata factions in the Rivering and elsewhere in northern Ijeida frequently refer to the aqueduct derisively as "that thing" or "the imposition," referring to their distaste for what they view as Agata intervention in northern affairs.

Because the word mithrenna is so associated with this particular aqueduct, other aqueducts, especially those of Agata construction, are generally referred to as firmithrenna, "little aqueduct", literally "son of the river bearer."