Parovir is a city in central Ijeida, situated high on the Seawall on the northern shore of the Sunken Sea. It sits 1.01 km above the surface of the water below, though it is famously described as sitting a "half-league high". Parovir served as the capital of Agata from the time of its construction in [get your years straight!] until the foundation of the Republics of Wheat and Water more than a millennium later, when Ethenfarr became chief city of the continent. 

The city sits at one end of, and owes much of its economic and cultural influence to, the great aqueduct Mithrenna. Parovir was the seat of Agata's Koriarch, the site of royal palace, and is the most important shipping port on the Sunken Sea, having long ago surpassed the Grey Harbor on the Sea's eastern shore.