Qareya (Qarsa: "dry land") is a name broadly applied to the region of eastern Tevra below the Eastern Arm, bounded to the north and east by the Outer Ocean and the Tehlaer sea ice, and to the south by the Inner Ocean. It's southern extremity, approaching the equator, is Tevra's nearest approach to Jirenes, separated from the Horn by 900 km. Qareya is dominated by the vast White Desert, lying across the central portion of the area, and the rocky canyon land to its south. The Southern tip, approaching Jirenes, is continually washed in warm rains off the sea and the dry deserts give way to dense, lush forests home to some of Menem's greatest biodiversity.

Settlements Edit

Much of the region is sparsely populated, the terrain dominated either by harsh desert or impassible jungle. Much of the population of the area is concentrated around the south-central canyon lands, southern coastal plains, and the edges of the forests. The canyons are home to Menem's oldest continually inhabited settlement, 10,000 year old Qarisa.