The Rivering (Rivertongue: ar faltinge) is a region of north-central Ijeida, situated north of the Sunken Sea, between the Tono and Westwall mountain ranges. The term is also frequently used to refer to the whole norther portion of the continent, including Overmountain, High Pass, Storms Head, and the Great Scarp but these are distinct regions little related to the Rivering in culture, geology or terrain.

The Traveling River, the fourth longest river in the world and the largest by flow rate and volume, passes down through the heart of this region from its headwaters in the foothills of the Tono Mountains to its great natural falls nearly 2500 km to the south. Beyond the falls, nearly one third of the River's water is diverted into the channel of Mithrenna by which it is carried into the city of Parovir.

Counties Edit

The Rivering is divided into forty-seven historical counties that administer its lands.

Settlements Edit

Historically, the region's population is spread throughout numerous small towns and villages. The largest cities of the Rivering are Ethenfarr, Balirhearth, and Riverbend.