Second Gishefa, or simply Gishefa (Uajiren, "the Union") is the second iteration of a global state, or world government, on Menem. It is the successor to an earlier attempt at world government, also Gishefa, following the devastating civil war that broke out some seventy years after its initial founding.

Name Edit

The term Second Gishefa is used to distinguish the global state from its pre-war (some say pre-contact) predecessor, also called Gishefa. The first iteration of the global state is referred to retroactively as First Gishefa. Ideologically, within the rhetoric espoused by the state, there is no distinction between the two except the period of civil war that separates them historically. Historians and observers note the marked differences in administration between the two periods, and the drafting of a second constitution following the Broken Union War, as an argument for treating the two as historically separate states known by a single name. The language of "First" and "Second Gishefa" is limited almost exclusively to the context of historical analysis and is not used within the apparatus of the state. This position of the state has been met with considerable criticism, some arguing that it indicates denial of the great failures of the first state.