The Second Intercontinental War was a military conflict between the waning Jirenes Empire and forces from multiple states of Ijeida, predominantly the newly formed Republics of Wheat and Water and Agata. Limited engagements also took place between the Imperial Regular Army and defensive forces in Tevra, notably around the area of Sovdu, which repelled an attempt by Jirenes to seize territory in the northern continent, late in the war.

There is some debate among historians and, historically, among the parties involved, over when this war began and precisely what distinguishes it from the precursor conflict of the Ijeida Revolution. In general, the term Second Intercontinental War describes the substantial escalation of hostilities between Ijeida and Jirenes and the reintroduction of Imperial Regular Army troops to Ijeida following the declaration of the Republics of Wheat and Water.