Sovdu may refer to several locations, organizations or historical events:

  • Sovdu (city): A city of central western Tevra (Sovdu region), home to Sovdu University, and an administrative center of Gishefa and the Union of Human Worlds.
  • Sovdu Conference: A diplomatic conference which served as the constitutional convention establishing Second Gishefa and defining the terms of so-called Ambassador Accords (the Accord in Orbit and the Treaty of Union)
  • Sovdu (region): The area of Tevra west and south of the Western Arm.
  • Sovdu ruehaifa (Uajiren: "Sovdu in space"): A colloquial term commonly used on the Union deep space research stations, Quintessence and Paragon, to refer to the offices and labs of station researchers.
  • Sovdu University: The oldest institution of higher education on Menem, within the city of Sovdu.
  • Treaty of Sovdu: Peace treaty officially ending hostilities of the First Intercontinental War, establishing the Trade Parliament and permitting administration of portions of Ijeida by Jirenes via Teugad Naufair.