Teugad Naufair (Uajiren: "Western Capital Collective"), shortened TeuNau, was a trade and manufacturing corporation established by the Jirenes Empire in [get your years straight!] to manage its mineral claims in the Encircled Sea and Griana. The role of the company gradually expanded to play a major role in Jirenes's conduct of trade and war over the next several centuries. It served as the Empire's foremost producer of arms and materiel during the First and Second Intercontinental Wars. The Collective was the primary imperial organ that oversaw the occupation of Agata and the Rivering during the interbellum period, and its security forces the primary belligerents used to combat the Ijeida Revolution before the Imperial Regular Army became involved, to start the Second War. The corporation was officially disbanded by the terms of the Treaty of the Turning Lands ending the Second Intercontinental War, but its holdings and stockpiles of arms were transferred to the Imperial War Ministry and used to support the state in the Jirenes Civil War which followed.